Your Business Needs Intelligent Cloud Solutions

Your Business Needs Intelligent Cloud Solutions

In the past decade, cloud computing has evolved from ground-breaking, new technology to the lifeblood of most enterprises. Cloud storage powers the day-to-day work that keeps companies and teams running. For many businesses, the cloud has become a ubiquitous part of both business and culture. However, there are many businesses in which cloud infrastructure is not yet a reality.

Wizeline recently partnered with Amazon Web Services to produce Powering the Future of Business: Why Cloud Solutions are Vital in the Race Towards Digital Transformation. The white paper dives into how cloud infrastructure is powering business growth in today’s digital landscape.

It’s a quick guide on cloud infrastructures, maturity, and adoption rates. It addresses the most common challenges companies face in maintaining and improving cloud services, as well as the benefits gained from migrating. The report concludes with real-world applications of Amazon Web Services, to demonstrate how companies leverage intelligent cloud solutions.

Excerpts from the report:

The Challenges

It requires a shift in perspective to thinking about digital spend as a growth strategy; as a move that will positively impact all aspects of the business. Companies that have not moved to the cloud have not done so because company leadership does not understand the core business value of migrating. Often, no one in the organization understands the core business value, and lack of understanding makes it difficult to prioritize. The core business value in moving to the cloud is giving focus and agility to the business. Moving to the cloud enables companies to eliminate functions that have become unnecessary.

The Benefits

Avoid guessing capacity. Companies can stop estimating infrastructure capacity needs. When forced to make a capacity decision before deploying applications, they end up sitting on (expensive) idle resources or dealing with limited capacity. Organizations can access as much or as little as they need with cloud computing, and scale up and down as required relatively quickly.

Increase speed and agility. In a cloud computing environment, new IT resources are a click away. Companies can reduce the time it takes to make those resources available to developers from weeks to just minutes. The cost and time it takes to experiment and develop decreases significantly, enabling teams to be agile.

Real-world Applications of AWS

The partnership between Wizeline and AWS will continue to focus on providing end-to-end development support and consulting services for businesses that need solutions for migrating legacy systems to the cloud and launching new digital products.

Wizeline has a global client base, with a substantial presence in Mexico. Wizeline aims to be an agile development resource for the LATAM market, delivering scalable data and mobile applications on top of AWS infrastructure.

“As technology continues to lead our world, Latin American businesses recognize the need to tackle exciting and audacious digital transformation projects. By partnering with AWS, we can offer scalable infrastructure trusted by everyone, from startups to Fortune 500 businesses, while providing expertise in agile product development,” said Bismarck Lepe, founder and CEO of Wizeline.

What can readers expect?

Businesses considering the transition to cloud infrastructure will find that migrating is a crucial step in reaching the next frontier in their respective industries.
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David Salak

Posted by David Salak on August 15, 2018