APAC Executive Tour 2023: Strengthening Ties in Asia-Pacific

APAC Executive Tour 2023: Strengthening Ties in Asia-Pacific

APAC Executive Tour 2023: Strengthening Ties in Asia-Pacific

At the end of 2022, Wizeline Vietnam celebrated the sixth anniversary of its office opening in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This delivery center was launched in 2016 to expand our global footprint into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Since then, the team has been growing steadily, and Wizeline Vietnam has positioned itself as a trusted solutions provider for global companies across different sectors.

Recently, our founder and CEO, Bismarck Lepe, visited Vietnam to host a series of events, including an executive meet-up, fireside chat, and an all-hands meeting, with the intention of connecting and strengthening ties with the community in APAC. To share the highlights of this executive tour and celebrate the hard work and dedication of all the Wizeliners involved, we put together a quick recap of the main events:

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 

  • Fireside Chat: Bismarck Lepe’s Entrepreneurial Adventure:

We hosted over 70 guests at our Ho Chi Minh City office for a fireside chat with Bismarck, moderated by Tran Quoc Khanh, host of VietSuccess. This content platform produces and shares technical and business content through its YouTube and social media channels. The event’s primary goal was to highlight Wizeline within the APAC tech and startup communities and open the conversation with Bismarck for young entrepreneurs eager to hear about and learn from his journey.


“Our goal with Wizeline is to ensure it’s a launch pad for people’s careers.”

-Bismarck Lepe, CEO and Founder of Wizeline

Watch the video to see Bismarck discuss these topics:

  1. How he managed to become one of Google’s first employees
  2. His top business takeaways from his time at Google
  3. His entrepreneurial history with Ooyala
  4. How and why he founded Wizeline after Oooyala
  5. How to build products that support clients globally
  6. How to build a trustworthy team to support you
  7. How to understand your client’s pain points to offer suitable solutions
  8. The difference between being a product company and a services company
  9. How to get access to people with capital when looking for investors
  10. How is AI changing the world, and why adoption is critical
  11. His vision for Wizeline Vietnam for the following years
  12. How Wizeline Academy is expanding and delivering training in the most in-demand tech skills
  13. Top lessons learned from his early failures in entrepreneurship
  • Executive Meet-up:

This invite-only event gathered 10 executives from different industries to get their perspectives on technology and trends, all while putting Wizeline in the spotlight. The discussion concerned corporate innovation and the global tech landscape, and it also centered around Vietnam as a place for emerging technologies and enterprise viability.

  • APAC All-Hands Meeting:

The Engineering team took the stage to showcase innovative projects in APAC, recent achievements, and the latest business news. With Bismarck at the office, Wizeliners seized the opportunity to ask questions and get insight into APAC’s vision, strategy, and long-term goals.


Hanoi & Sydney:

  • Hanoi:

Bismarck and other senior leaders from Wizeline traveled to Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, where they explored potential partnership opportunities involving Wizeline’s talent and Wizeline Academy.

  • Sydney:

As Bismarck returned home, Regie Taytayon, Regional Operations Director, and Benjamin Gil, Technology Operations Director, flew straight to Sydney, where they held several executive meetings with current customers and partners from different sectors, such as Cloud-Based Software, E-Commerce, Entertainment, and Telecom. 

How to Learn More About Wizeline APAC

Wizeline Vietnam and our greater presence in APAC plays an important role in our approach to nearshore product development as well as bolstering our global delivery model. Contact us to learn more about partnering with Wizeline to solve your biggest business-technology challenges!

As Wizeline continues to grow and expand globally, we are passionate about learning, innovation, and community. Without a doubt, Wizeline is a great place to develop and build a successful, fulfilling career in tech. 

Interested in joining our team? Apply today for our open roles across APAC.



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Posted by Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza on March 23, 2023