Reimagining Retail with Wizeline and Google Cloud

Learn about how Wizeline helps both traditional retailers and digital-native retailers build technology solutions for the ever-evolving and competitive retail space.

Retail, supermarkets, consumer products, food processing, and e-commerce companies can increase their online sales by building online marketplaces, optimizing e-payments, and using data to understand insights from both online and offline customer experiences. Wizeline partners with both traditional retailers and digital-native retailers to build technology solutions for the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Working with a certified partner 

Wizeline takes an agnostic, multi-cloud approach to cloud solutions and provides global enterprises and scaling startups alike with custom strategies that fit the needs of their business. Wizeline has partnered with industry-leading cloud providers, such as Google Cloud, to offer its customers seamless and reliable cloud solutions. 

Why should organizations work with a partner to implement cloud solutions? For much the same reasons that they would hire a partner to build software and products. Many companies don’t have the resources, support, or expertise to implement cloud technology on their own. 

Google Cloud certified professionals at Wizeline help retailers drive digital acceleration with eCommerce migration, eCommerce modernization, APIs. They also focus on helping retailer customers become more customer-centric and data-driven with data warehouse modernization, data analytics, and retail intelligence solutions.

Our team takes on the responsibility of transferring knowledge, frameworks, and methodologies to the customer organization so that it can keep innovating with cloud solutions. Implementing Google Cloud solutions through Wizeline can accelerate a customer’s product roadmap and free up internal resources so you can focus on the core product or service.

Unlock your data. Reimagine your business.

Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics platform, named by Forrester a leader in data management and analytics, empowers your business while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. You can gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation.

  • Easily scale your data and analytics. Our fully managed, serverless approach automatically takes care of performance, scalability, and availability requirements for your data analysis. With no infrastructure to manage, you can easily leverage products like BigQuery to analyze gigabytes to petabytes of data in minutes, not months
  • Drive instant insights from your data. Stream analytics from Google Cloud lets you accelerate the pace at which you serve customers, interpret the market, and run your business—without changing your existing team or straining your budget. 
  • Empower analysts with predictive insights. Using simple SQL, built-in plug-and-play ML models, and automated workflows, data analysts can perform predictive analytics right out of the box and with high accuracy. 

Modernize your applications. Innovate. 

Accelerating your business starts by removing everything slowing you down. That includes legacy apps that are expensive and difficult to maintain. With Google Cloud, you can build new apps rapidly, in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with built-in security, no vendor lock-in, and achieve business agility within days, not months.

  • Deliver connected experiences faster with APIs. Google Cloud’s API management platform, Apigee, helps you respond faster to new customer demands and deliver a unified experience. By bridging legacy systems to modern applications you can improve application management.
  • Simplify your modernization with Anthos. Google Cloud’s Anthos platform helps you modernize your applications while easily managing the complexity of fragmented processes that can slow you down. It gives you a uniform platform anywhere you need it across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Accelerate your innovation by building apps in the cloud. Gain speed without compromising security or quality by embracing our cloud-native approaches like serverless, microservices, and container solutions.

If you’re interested to learn more about cloud-based solutions, Google Cloud Platform, or how Wizeline can help assess what cloud solutions are right for your business, contact our team.

Patricia Palacios, Google Partnerships Manager
Patricia Palacios, Google Partnerships Manager

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on May 19, 2020