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Chi Pham’s Journey in Wizeline’s Cultural Exchange Program

Chi Pham’s Journey in Wizeline’s Cultural Exchange Program

The Cultural Exchange Program is an initiative within Wizeline that aims to promote knowledge exchange and foster bonds among our team members across continents. This week, we sat down with Wizeline Talent Acquisition Specialist Chi Pham, who recently participated in this program. She shares her experiences traveling from the APAC region to Mexico and discusses how this trip reshaped her perspectives.

Keep reading to learn more about Chi’s experiences and takeaways from the program.

Breaking Down Borders and Barriers

Launched to build stronger connections among Wizeline’s global community members, the Cultural Exchange Program takes selected employees on an immersive two-week-long journey. Participants from the APAC region dive into the rich culture of Mexico, expanding their understanding of the local work environment while showcasing their own heritage. Eligible participants must be full-time Wizeline employees who demonstrate solid performance, strong communication abilities, and alignment with Wizeline’s core values.

“I applied to the program shortly after it launched without much hesitation. I saw myself as a great fit for the program,” Chi said. She felt that her diverse skill set, which already included branding, professional networking, public speaking, and multifunctional collaboration, made her a perfect candidate to represent the APAC region in Mexico. She enthusiastically embraced the challenge, eager to put her home country and region on Wizeline’s global map.

Cultural Immersion in Mexico: Roles and Experiences

Chi’s responsibilities in Mexico encompassed various tasks designed to foster cross-cultural exchange. She participated in several impactful projects, including working with the Capacity Planning team, expanding her professional network, and delivering a cultural presentation about Vietnam. Last but not least, she collaborated with local teammates on a Global Town Hall event, an opportunity she recalls as a significant highlight of her trip.

During her stay, Chi worked closely with local Wizeliners, notably David Núñez Hernández (her buddy for the trip). Their collaboration on interviewing projects ensured she had a well-rounded experience, exposing her to traditional food, iconic places, and the authentic cultural essence of Mexico.

The Cultural Exchange Program has instilled in Chi a stronger sense of belonging. Her engagement with various functional teams has increased, her understanding of recruitment and staffing strategies has expanded, and she’s been inspired to diversify employer branding activities for the APAC region. She acquired and strengthened a range of critical skills, including community networking, public speaking, and multicultural communication, which she believes will benefit her in her future endeavors at Wizeline and beyond.

Final Reflections, Impressions, and Insights

Chi shared fond memories from her trip, from the bustling offices of Guadalajara and Mexico City to the friendly faces of her colleagues. She eagerly looks forward to revisiting these places and rekindling these connections. The program helped her understand and appreciate Mexico’s rich history, diverse traditions, vibrant art forms, and warm people. This newfound perspective on Mexican culture is something she now treasures.

Her advice for anyone wanting to dive into an international work experience is brief but powerful: “Be proactive. Be brave. Enjoy your journey!” She plans to apply her insights and experiences from the program to help foster an inclusive workplace environment in which diversity is celebrated and valued. She believes that exposure to different ways of thinking will aid her in problem-solving and innovating.

Wizeline’s Commitment to Providing Mobility and Cultural Opportunities

As Wizeline continues to grow and expand globally, we believe that mobility and cultural experiences are central to the spirit of our company culture. We aim to offer enriching international opportunities for our talent, and we encourage them to learn from other work cultures to keep nurturing their professional and personal lives.

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Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza

Posted by Maria Jose Rodriguez de la Garza on July 14, 2023