Continuous Growth from Day One: Joining the Wizeline QA Team

Continuous Growth from Day One: Joining the Wizeline QA Team

Last November, Alejandro Serrano joined our team as a Senior Software QA Engineer. In this post, Alejandro shares his experience developing a project on continuous and fast feedback during his first month as a member of the Quality Assurance team at Wizeline.

QA buddy program at Wizeline 

When joining the QA Discipline at Wizeline, you are challenged during your first month to create a project which challenges you to embrace the domain of high-level Quality best practices. This program introduces and exposes you to the way Software QA Engineers will work on a real project at Wizeline without having the pressure of impacting a customer.

The components of the QA Buddy Program are as follows:

  • Technical challenge. Deliver a test automation solution for front-end, back-end, and performance testing, preferably using a tech stack you have never used before.
  • Business Presentation. Explain the design, benefits, and stack of technologies in a high-level presentation to practice business communication skills.
  • Feedback Session. QA Discipline members will provide feedback about your technical challenge and business presentation to improve and learn.

The assignment

The assignment I delivered focuses on continuous and fast feedback so we can react proactively to the changes that could occur in the development lifecycle by detecting defects as soon as possible.


It follows the principles of Agile Software Development where testing activities begin at the start of the project with continuous integration. Although I am focusing on the Test Automation side in my proposed solution, I am also taking into consideration different types of testing and their impact on the project by laying them out with the Agile Testing Quadrants in my business presentation.

During my challenge, I had the opportunity to play around and had fun with all the following technologies. Importantly, I  figured out how to integrate all of them to create a proper solution to solve the challenge.

Of course, there are innumerable ways to solve the overall need presented in the challenge. Here is the solution I have created to achieve continuous feedback in our development cycle:


If you’re interested in more detailed information about my challenge, check out these slides.

Lessons learned 

This is the first time in my entire career that I had the opportunity to work on an onboarding challenge like this one. I enjoyed it and had a lot of fun with it.

It is a bit overwhelming when you see it the first time; however, over time you realize that you are your own worst enemy and your own best friend.

Having said that, from my point of view, the biggest lesson learned from this challenge is to not be afraid of exploring new things and to get out of your comfort zone because it is where you will learn more.

Conclusion: Advice for Life at Wizeline

Given our high standards for quality, Wizeline can seem a little intimidating at a first sight. But these high standards mean a great opportunity to improve your skills.

When you start an adventure like a new job, a change in your career, or even an onboarding project, everything seems terrifying because we are pushing ourselves to be out of our comfort zone. Of course, challenges are everywhere.

My advice if you are interested in joining Wizeline is to prepare yourself to be, well, yourself. It might sound foolish but it matters a lot. Be prepared to have a positive impact and influence, share who you are, what you know, and how you do it well. At the same time, be humble enough to keep learning new things and be open to receive feedback. Wizeline is a place full of bright people that will help you to grow because here, we share growth as a team.

Interested in joining the team? Explore open roles today at or click below – I look forward to meeting you.

Software QA Engineer Open Roles

Alejandro Serrano, Senior Software QA Engineer at Wizeline.
Alejandro Serrano, Senior Software QA Engineer at Wizeline.

Learn more about Alejandro: 

Alejandro Serrano is a Software Development Engineer in Test with more than 14 years of experience in programming languages such as Python and Java. 

During his career, he has worked creating Test Automation Libraries for existing solutions and in-house Automation Frameworks covering solutions for different types of Systems Under Tests such as web- and desktop-based applications, handheld devices like graphing and scientific calculators, and mobile devices.

He recently joined Wizeline as a Senior Software QA Engineer. He is currently working on a project focused on cloud-based communication.

He actively participates along with the QA team in developing a set of tools that will provide a complete solution for Frontend, Backend, Performance, Mobile, and Data automation testing as well as on an initiative to improve internal QA documentation.

Leslie Medina

Posted by Leslie Medina on March 30, 2021