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Digital Nomads: Launching our Mexico to Colombia Pathway

Digital Nomads: Launching our Mexico to Colombia Pathway

In 2022, we launched the Mexico to Colombia Pathway Program to keep our talent engaged and motivated through a creative, innovative, and community-based Global Mobility project. From September to December 2022, 15 Wizeline Mexico employees, our Digital Nomads, had the opportunity to spend up to 3 months working in Bogota.

The Pathway was a great opportunity for Wizeliners in Mexico to bring the Wizeline culture to our  Colombia office. Our Digital Nomads visited Colombia and Medellin, met with the amazing team in Colombia, and came back with different cultural, professional, and personal experiences and a perspective of what it is like to work overseas. Living abroad is enriching and exciting, but nothing comes without its sacrifices. Living outside of your comfort zone, being independent, and figuring out things on your own in a different country can be challenging; however, our Wizeliners profited from the experience, built our community, and transmitted our values globally. This was no small task, but our amazing Wizeliners were ready for the challenge! As Digital Nomad Fátima Pedroza, Talent Development Specialist said: “My favorite part was to travel to another country, meet new Wizeliners, but most importantly, the opportunity to grow as a person.”

In the words of Digital Nomad Mayela Gómez, Associate Manager, SRE & Cloud Operations: “Going out of my comfort zone, having the opportunity to meet amazing people, and sharing with them from culture and tech community to traditions and customs was my favorite part about the experience.”

Our amazing travelers were genuinely engaged in building this first generation of Digital Nomads by creating programs and events from which our Bogota office greatly benefited, including Wizeline Academy events. During those gatherings, Nomads and locals discussed Wizeline’s culture, values, and sense of community across the different countries. They even exchanged tips and ways to improve flourished.

An important aspect to point out as a result of the Pathway is that the presence of the Mexican Wizeliners in the Bogota office encouraged the attendance of locals. From the survey conducted for the Wizeliners in Colombia who interacted with the Nomads, 100% said that having the Mexican Wizeliners at their office, to some degree, encouraged them to visit the office more frequently. Adriana Bermudez, Senior Software Engineer in Wizeline Colombia, shared that: “Being able to show the Nomads part of the culture of my country, and share quality time with visitors, promoted an environment of union, friendship, and collaboration with whom we work on a daily basis.”

We want to thank the Wizeliner’s who kindly volunteered to host the Digital Nomads and all the Wizeliners in Colombia who were able to interact with the travelers to make their experience even better.  Because of them, our travelers were given a local point of view, which fostered a community between travelers and local Wizeliners.

Join Wizeline & Experience Our Global Cultures

Due to the pilot program’s success, we are already working on a new Pathway for 2023. Our biggest goals for this program are to spread our culture, enhance the sense of community, do well by doing good, create friendships overseas, and show the world how great Wizeline is. 

At Wizeline, we believe in investing in our team members. We do everything we can to advance Wizeliners’ cultural, professional, and personal development, and this program helps our people actively achieve new experiences.

Are you looking to embrace the Wizeline culture and values as your own?  Join Wizeline and reap the benefits experienced by the Wizeliners above and many more.


Tajma Brown

Posted by Tajma Brown on February 1, 2023