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Embracing QA the Wizeline Way

Embracing QA the Wizeline Way

The joy of learning and sharing knowledge has always motivated me to keep diving into new opportunities to grow as a professional. My journey with Wizeline started when I joined the Wizeline Academy Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Bootcamp in 2021. Even though it was challenging, my hard work paid off in the end, as I officially became a Wizeliner soon after.

However, the adventure was far from over when I started in my new role at Wizeline. I quickly found myself encountering many things that were new to me – there were differences in everything from the culture to the ways of working. Coming from a more conservative working environment, this felt like a huge first step on a radical journey.

I wasn’t wrong about this, and I also wasn’t sure how to approach this new challenge. But, I realized that staying set in my previous ways of doing things was not going to be compatible, so I decided to embrace change and give “the Wizeline way” a try.

What Is the Wizeline Way?

“The Wizeline way” is characterized by celebration of differences, commitment, constant feedback, curiosity, openness, motivation, continual evolution, and willingness to share. This working model promotes a culture of openness among individuals, in turn building a collaborative, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming environment for every Wizeliner. 

Wizeline’s foundational pillars encourage the creation of safe spaces where individuals feel comfortable enough to provide and receive constant feedback, knowing that this is key to their growth and advancement.

With excellent guidance, committing to this mindset was a transition that felt natural. I learned that it is easier to stay engaged when your progress is visible and recorded. Feedback also fuels your curiosity, and willingness to share becomes a daily motivator for constant improvement. 

Becoming a practitioner of Wizeline’s values involves learning to create balance wherever you can in order to organically achieve your desired goals and deliver the best quality possible.

What Defines a Wizeline QA Engineer? 

At Wizeline, what makes us different stems from a combination of factors: Having top-quality individuals who promote good values like sharing, kindness, and respect generates an environment where we work as a team and recognize the value in helping each other learn and grow. Also, Wizeline supports our community’s development by promoting continuous learning and providing us with the latest tools to improve our skills, such as Wizeline Academy bootcamps and certifications. 

Each QA at Wizeline is a guru of the shift-left methodology, through which our main objective is to deliver innovative solutions as we advise and help our clients with their processes. This approach helps to reduce costs and risks from the early stages through the creation and usage of continuous improvement plans.

Starting Your Own Adventure

Here are some experiences you might explore to improve your skills and achieve measurable progress on your professional development journey:

  1. Mentoring: Find a mentor in your desired discipline, dedicate yourself to building your knowledge and practicing, and take the experience to heart.
  2. Innovation: Play around with your own ideas and what you have learned; try to challenge yourself.
  3. Continuous feedback: Ask for feedback often; it can be very beneficial as you seek to expand your opportunities and continue growing.
  4. Bootcamps/training: Join as many learning programs as you can; there is always something new to add to your knowledge base!
  5. Questioning: Don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure messages are received correctly and your ideas are clearly understood.

To emphasize and internalize everything you learn, try organizing bootcamps and writing documentation and planning guidelines. Keep in mind that the content doesn’t have to be perfect; the goal is to spark that enthusiasm to keep exploring and learning more.

How I’ve Grown on This Journey

As I’ve gained experience and confidence as a QA engineer and a Wizeliner, I’ve come to appreciate that “the Wizeline way” is not just a methodology for working and delivering better results. Beyond these things, it involves making positive changes in how you perceive work, quality, and balance. 

Implementing this approach has enriched my life over the past year, bringing both challenges and victories. I could not be more grateful for where I am and for how “the Wizeline way” has helped me get here. Now, I feel ready to hit the road again and venture into bigger endeavors while promoting the benefits of this method to a wider audience. 

I hope that you will find my story to be helpful and inspiring as you embark on your own personal journey. For more information on quality assurance best practices at Wizeline, visit our QA page

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Ana Karen Aguilar

Posted by Ana Karen Aguilar on March 13, 2023