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Mother’s Day at Wizeline: Words of Wisdom from Wizemoms

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

This year, to commemorate this important day, we asked Wizemoms to share their experiences with navigating building a successful career and parenting simultaneously.

We recognize that mothers have an exceptional role to play in the lives of their families, while also contributing immensely in the workplace, and we wanted to share the thoughts and ideas from the moms in our community with you.

“Being kind with my family and myself has been key, accepting that I can’t control everything, but I can manage to balance it. Accepting that you don’t need to be a SuperMom and a super professional, you just need to enjoy the journey at both places!


My advice is to connect with other moms, ask questions, and share stories. You may never find someone in your exact situation, but you can get ideas and adjust for your situation. We are all different, but we can help each other!”

— Carla Quezada, Senior Engineering Manager

“The first 3 months of my work at Wizeline, my son was with me all the time. The pandemic had just started, and we were fully isolated. It was not easy – my husband and I took turns taking care of our son to be able to work. Sometimes, I would work early in the morning before my son wakes up and then after he goes to sleep. My managers were very understanding and still are. They told me to put my family first. I attended a lot of team meetings with a one-year-old sitting on my lap. A couple of times, he also attended standup meetings with me. The clients were very friendly and didn’t mind that at all. I am lucky to work at Wizeline, where mothers are so supported.


My advice for new moms: Ask for help when you need it. One or two people are not enough to take care of a child – it takes a village. If you do not have any relatives or friends to help you – hire a nanny and have some rest.”

—Vira Ivanova, Technical Writer

“I’ve fought very hard with the time because the kids grow up very fast, and as professionals, we have very little time. Every day, I grow as a mom and engineer.


Motherhood is very hard, but you should try to have fun all the time, and you’ll do it excellently.”

— Ana Belen Valencia Bautista, Software Engineer

“Since the pandemic started, it’s been quite a challenge having a kid at home and working at the same time, since he demands a lot of attention from his parents. Before that, I was so dependent on the daycare services at the office to continue building my career; it was great to feed my baby by only switching floors and then going right back to work. With the pandemic, flexibility at work has been essential to be a parent and grow professionally. I try to take some breaks to play with him sometimes, but he still shows up at my meetings all the time.


For new moms, I would advise you to make the most of the moments you share with your children. When you are a working mom, you cannot spend all the time with them, so try to take advantage of the moments you can spend with them by not looking at the phone or getting distracted with chores. It’s challenging, but try to make some special time for them. Kids grow so fast, and it won’t last long.”

— Gabriela Gutiérrez, Senior Facilities Manager

“I navigated building a career and being a parent simultaneously, and it’s the most challenging thing ever!


Here’s my advice: The days are long but the years are short. In the blink of an eye, your newborn is a stubborn toddler. We always prepare and photograph the firsts: the first solid meal, their first steps, their first drawing, etc. But sometimes we forget to prepare for all the lasts: the last time nursing your baby, the last time you rocked her to sleep, the last time you changed her diaper, etc. Time flies, and while being a working mom, working from home with kids at home can seem like a nightmare. Remember, this too shall pass. Let’s never forget that they are little only for a little while.”

—Laura Ornelas, Senior Program Manager

“There’s no blueprint; I think every working mother figures out what works for them —I learned along the way. I never achieved ‘balance,’ but I embraced the chaos and learned how to be present, even when I had competing priorities between work and family life. No one is perfect; I think mothers are hardest on themselves, second-guessing everything, especially when the children are young. The one thing that helped me was having friends and family who could give me a few precious hours off to do the things that I loved to do before I was a mother. It’s difficult to remember that you still need to carve out a few moments for yourself (whether that’s doing something you love, working out, etc.) so that you can be more present for your family and your teams at work.
I wish someone would have told me not to have so much guilt about things I felt were important that I missed. My 17-year-old son recently said, “Mom, I had no idea you missed my 4th-grade graduation. I don’t even remember it, but I remember you have been at almost every single soccer game and that you are here when I need you to be.” So, new moms, when they are little, you are not negatively affecting them by having a career. It’s okay. By the time they are teens, it seems they need you more, so it’s okay to focus on building your career AND on being a mom.”

—Danielle Ruess, Chief Marketing Officer

“Finding passion and motivation in everything I do has been the main driver in my professional life. I want my kids to see me as an example of dedication, kindness, and growth mentality the same way my mom showed me. Family is the best support system. A caring husband who shares the same responsibility and struggles has been the best.


I know building a career and being a parent simultaneously is difficult, but do not give up. Find a group of people you can share your struggles with, and you will feel better when you receive support from those groups. Love what you do and create your future goals. Every step you take should get you closer to your destination.”

—Karina Garcia, Director of Engineering

Leslie Medina

Posted by Leslie Medina on May 10, 2021