Bringing Silicon Valley to Mexico | Bismarck Lepe

October 31, 2019. In this insightful conversation for the podcast “El Valle de los Tercos,” Bismarck Lepe, founder of Wizeline, discusses his vision of bringing Silicon Valley to Mexico and the potential for Mexico and other Latin American countries to become tech hubs. Lepe, a successful Latino entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, believes that the high cost of living in Silicon Valley is unsustainable and that Mexico can provide a more affordable and attractive alternative. He emphasizes the importance of promoting one’s work and creating relationships, the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, and the need to create opportunities for underrepresented groups. Lepe also shares his personal journey and his commitment to making a positive impact in Mexico through Wizeline and the Wize Fund. He envisions a future where technology companies collaborate with governments to foster innovation and growth in the region.

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