Wizeline Showcases Generative AI-powered Live News Segmenter at NAB Show 2024 with AWS

Transforming News Production with Cutting-Edge Gen AI Solutions

Wizeline, a leading AI-powered software engineering company, unveiled a groundbreaking new product, the Gen AI Live News Segmenter on AWS, at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The Live News Segmenter, developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), harnesses the power of generative AI on Amazon Bedrock to revolutionize live video production for news organizations, or any media agency producing live event coverage, by automating costly, manual production processes, and supercharging media operations and workflows.

Enhanced Efficiency and Revenue Generation

The Live News Segmenter allows newsrooms and broadcast operations to ingest a live video contribution, and then uses generative AI large language models (LLMs) instead of traditional AI/machine learning (ML) and computer vision to generate rich video metadata. This metadata includes celebrity detection, voice identification with sentiment analysis, image-to-text tagging, auto-transcription and scene labeling, all in near-real time and down to a time-code level. The Live News Segmenter then contextually organizes this metadata, empowering everyone from journalists to content producers and editors to leverage natural language commands and queries to automate theme generation, highlight clip segmentation, even dynamic asset search, retrieval and editing. These advanced capabilities, powered by Anthropic’s sophisticated Claude family of foundation models and AWS’s generative AI and media services tools, enable news organizations to break news faster and more cost effectively across all platforms, including social, and opens the potential for new revenue generating opportunities. 

“As the Wizeline team developed the Gen AI Live News Segmenter alongside AWS, we identified a range of significant business outcomes that can truly supercharge media production workflows, and also uncovered several innovative use cases by leveraging this powerful technology,” said Anibal Abarca Gill, Chief AI Officer and CTO, Wizeline. “For example, through creative prompt engineering, we were able to almost instantly automate the customization and personalization of stories based on audience segment and affinity from the same underlying video content. This represents a significant upgrade in the evolution of how live content will be produced, and even consumed in the immediate future. It’s very exciting to see the impact of generative AI in media and content production.”

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