Wizeline and HumanThriving.ai Partner to Empower Businesses to Ride the AI Wave with Confidence

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 29, 2024 Wizeline, a leading AI-powered software engineering company, today announced a strategic partnership with HumanThriving.ai, a human-centered AI consultancy focused on accelerating and humanizing the adoption of artificial intelligence. This collaboration empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of AI, overcome common anxieties, and ultimately unlock the transformative potential of this powerful technology.

HumanThriving.ai’s expertise in human-centered transformation complements Wizeline’s proven track record in AI implementation. Wizeline offers an AI-Native Framework that helps companies transform their processes, platforms ,and products, leveraging the full potential of AI. Together, the two companies provide a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to embrace AI responsibly and effectively.

“At Wizeline, we believe that AI should be a force for positive change,” said Andres Angelani, CEO, Wizeline. “Our partnership with HumanThriving.ai ensures that organizations benefit not just from cutting-edge technology but also from a human-centric approach that fosters innovation, efficiency, and a competitive advantage, all while prioritizing human well-being.”

Humanizing the Potential of an AI Future

The potential benefits of AI are undeniable. A recent MIT study found that users of ChatGPT experience a 40% increase in productivity. Additionally, a report by Brainy Insights predicts the Generative AI market will reach a staggering $188.62 billion by 2032. The Wizeline / HumanThriving.ai partnership empowers organizations to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity while keeping human well-being at the forefront.

“Many leaders feel overwhelmed by AI,” said Cory Smith, CEO, HumanThriving.ai. “Our role is to help them understand the opportunities and limitations of AI implementation, ultimately empowering them to shape their own AI wave. We guide companies through defining their AI strategy, ensuring it aligns with their human-centered values and accelerates their path to success.”

Addressing Common AI Implementation Fears

This partnership addresses several key anxieties that often hinder AI adoption:

  • Litigation Fear: HumanThriving.ai guides organizations in responsible AI implementation, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance.
  • Fear of Falling Behind: The combined expertise of both companies allows organizations to accelerate their AI journey and stay competitive.
  • Fear of Isolation: Collaboration with HumanThriving.ai and Wizeline provides ongoing support and guidance.
  • Confusion and Decision Fatigue: HumanThriving.ai’s strategic consulting simplifies the AI adoption process, empowering leaders to make informed decisions.

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About HumanThriving.ai

HumanThriving.ai is a human-centered consulting and AI-powered technology firm committed to shaping a future where AI elevates human potential and prosperity. We partner with organizations to accelerate, humanize, and amplify the value of their AI journey by focusing on the leadership mindsets and value lenses that guide wise decisions, behaviors, and actions. Our unique “15 Agreements of Human-Centered AI” framework acts as our client’s ethical and technical journey map, instilling essential, human-centric commitments into their cultures. Our approach ensures our clients realize our core value imperatives of Smart Play, Safe Bet, and a Humane North Star. Partner with us to implement our human-centered approach that will accelerate, de-risk, and humanize your AI journey.

About Wizeline

Wizeline, a global AI-centric technology solutions provider, specializes in developing cutting-edge digital products and platforms that leverage the power of artificial intelligence. In collaboration with our customers, we are revolutionizing businesses by harnessing data and AI to accelerate time to market and drive transformative outcomes. Our agile and adaptive teams bring a unique blend of AI expertise, advanced methodologies, and innovative solutions to deliver exceptional results while fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation alongside our customers’ teams. We invest in doing well while doing good, striving to have a positive impact where we live and work. Our diverse culture of innovation, ownership, and community, combined with our AI-focused Academy, offers unparalleled opportunities for talented people to work on innovative projects and build thriving, long-term careers. Discover how Wizeline’s AI-centric approach can revolutionize your business at wizeline.com. To join our visionary team, explore exciting career opportunities at wizeline.com/careers.

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