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Pursuing Continuous Learning & Professional Growth: A Wizeline Android Developer’s Story

Pursuing Continuous Learning & Professional Growth: A Wizeline Android Developer’s Story

Craving New Knowledge & Starting Out Strong at Wizeline

One of the main reasons I wanted to work at Wizeline was because I saw it as an opportunity to grow professionally and advance my Android development career. While onboarding during my first week as a Wizeliner, I learned about all the courses and certifications that I could take. All the opportunities and possibilities were mind-blowing to me.

Before I became a Wizeliner, I’d heard about Wizeline Academy courses for external people, but I’d never had the chance to take one of them. I knew there were some Android courses but never had the opportunity to attend one.

The first few months that I spent at the company, I was very excited to be working on an internal challenge that prepared me for my first project with a client. I learned a lot from that challenge and the person who reviewed it. Then, when I started working on my first project, I had an amazing buddy, mentor, and friend from whom I learned much more than I had in the previous year of my career. It was all about expanding my knowledge and internalizing best practices.

How My Desire to Teach Developed

My initial mentoring experience at Wizeline reminded me of something I told myself while learning about electronics and communications in high school. I told myself that one day, I would teach something related to digital electronics or maybe even programming. What sparked this thought was seeing some of my teachers run to jobs at big or prestigious tech companies after teaching in the morning. I noticed that the teachers who had this schedule were some of the best I’ve ever had. 

At some point in my life, I would like to do that. I don’t necessarily want to be a full-time teacher at a university or technological high school, but helping others learn about valuable tech topics is definitely something that I want to do in some capacity.

When the Mentee Becomes the Mentor

One day, I received an email with a survey asking if I would like to participate in the next Android Bootcamp as a mentor and/or lecturer. I didn’t think twice and accepted the offer to become a mentor for the bootcamp. I learned a lot from that experience, from how to do a good code review for the challenges to how to communicate effectively with my assigned mentees. Speaking of the mentees, I had a great time meeting them. 

My mentees were three amazing girls who already had some valuable experience in Android development. I did my best to share all of my knowledge and experiences in a clear way, but I also learned a lot from them. All three mentees did an excellent job, but I felt that one in particular delivered the best project presented in that bootcamp. At the end, I was so grateful to have the opportunity to watch her share her thought process and unique approach to designing apps.

At the time when I’m writing this blog post, I’m acting as a mentor for the Android Apprenticeship Program. This role has given me the opportunity to work as a content creator alongside a great buddy who does amazing work. When the apprenticeship program started, I tried being a lecturer for two workshops and had a wonderful experience. By doing these presentations, I was able to affirm and reinforce my knowledge, plus make a friend who helped me a lot with preparing to present.

What I’ve Gained Through Continuous Learning & Mentorship

As you can see from the experiences that I’ve shared with you, I love to participate in all of the initiatives, programs, and events that are presented to me. Actually, I’m also a proud Wizeline Ambassador along with other amazing colleagues. As part of this program, I can tell you that there are many more new and exciting experiences in store for ambassadors.

To conclude, I’d like to emphasize that life experiences like these can give you a lot in return. You can expect to meet amazing and very talented people, whether they are students or mentors, and to encounter a ton of valuable things to reaffirm, share, and learn. And last but not least, it’s very likely that you’ll have a great time along the way.

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Ana Karen Aguilar

Posted by Ana Karen Aguilar on January 31, 2022