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The State of Wizeline Academy 2019

Since launching in 2016, Wizeline Academy has focused on building tech communities through proactive education. Operating in four different countries and reaching over 3,000 students and counting, Academy is on track for continued growth and impact.

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At the end of 2018, the team examined the state of Wizeline Academy to guide the future of the program.

This report dives into the state of learning worldwide, presents coursework available through Academy, and shares an overview of the impact in the last two years.

Newly appointed Director of Academy, Martin Moscosa, reflects on the program and its accomplishments. “We’ve had a momentous couple of years building Academy; building an ecosystem of innovation through proactive programs. We hope to make a greater impact globally by continuing to invest in Vietnam, Mexico, and emerging Wizeline communities.”

On learning and professional development:

“Learning is no longer attached to a determined group, it is an ongoing process that we can apply anywhere, at any time—microlearning. Microlearning happens while in line, or at an appointment; quick, bite-sized content in the form of infographics, explainer videos, or podcasts. Microlearning is 17 percent more efficient than traditional learning and 50 percent more engaging.

Specifically, in the tech industry, there is an interesting theme when examining what employees look for in their desired job. Developers want a great work-life balance, but they also have an insatiable thirst and desire for learning.

Under this context, teachers are no longer an authoritative source of content. Now, they must focus on motivating and assisting students in making the best use of content at their fingertips. Thanks to technology, students are equipped with unlimited sources of information.”

  • 35% of Academy students have been hired by Wizeline full-time
  • 85% of students see a boost in their careers after an Academy workshop
  • Wizeline Academy has hosted 15 guest speakers from YouTube, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more

Learn more about Wizeline Academy. Read the full report here.

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on February 18, 2019