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Women in Leadership | UX Designer Elba Ornelas

Senior UX Designer, Elba Ornelas, had big dreams growing up. She learned industrial design and is now a seasoned designer, product owner, and leader at Wizeline. Watch to learn about her story.

Video Transcript

When I was a kid, I remember I wanted to be an astronaut or a Formula 1 racer.

These careers are always assigned to men rather than women and this never really stopped me from dreaming about it.

But all this changed back in high school when I learned about industrial design, where I could design pretty much anything.

So the possibility of building the next spaceship to Mars, or the fastest car, changed my perspective.

I’ve had plenty of female figures as inspiration throughout my entire life.

From teachers, co-workers, friends but the most transcendental one has been my mom.

She has always encouraged me to be brave, to be strong, and to have a great attitude no matter how hard situations can be.

She constantly reminds me that everything I need is right within me.

When I wanted to leave my past job, I was afraid. And my mom saw the fear within me and she told me that whatever happened, whatever the outcome, she was going to be with me.

So I jumped and I landed an internship here at Wizeline 3 years ago.

So with this, my journey as a UX designer started and I have been learning from my peers, from my friends, and from the industry itself since day one.

Now, I am a senior UX designer and I am constantly facing challenges with our clients and I am also the product owner of an internal tool that’s helping Wizeline get rid of food waste.

Looking for ways to pay back to the community, I found my voice. Either as a conference speaker or a certified facilitator of the I Am Remarkable workshop.

This workshop initiated by Google fosters the self-recognition as a means to empower women and underrepresented groups in the workplace and beyond.

If 10 years from now, I know that one of the workshops that I facilitated, or one of the talks that I gave, or even one of the designs that I collaborated with, has a positive impact in someone somehow, then I will feel fulfilled.

This is my advice for younger generations that want a career in tech: the greatest “No” you’ll hear is from yourself.

Don’t let it get to you.

Also, whenever you feel like society’s trying to tell you or dictate to you what you can or can’t do, just nod and do it anyway.

Nellie Luna

Posted by Nellie Luna on June 10, 2020