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Wizeline Hosts Smash Bros. Ultimate Launch Tournament

The Wizeline offices were buzzing with energy last week, as crowds of gaming fans gathered to soak up the atmosphere in the company’s first ever Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament.

The event was hosted to celebrate the launch of the latest game in Nintendo’s popular platform-fighting franchise. Over 60 Wizeliners took part in the contest, including a mix of curious beginners and seasoned professionals.

Participants from Mexico City and Guadalajara battled it out online and face to face, with the best games being broadcast live on Twitch. Our volunteer casters helped create an authentic e-sports atmosphere, commentating on the combos, spikes, and parries as they happened, while dozens of spectators cheered for their favorite players from the sidelines. A handful of Wizeline applicants also took part, with seven employees referring friends and giving them the chance to enter the tourney—and maybe walk away with a new job.

For most people, this was the first experience they had with Smash Bros. Ultimate, but some players still showed immense skill as they fought to become Wizeline’s Smash champion. Check out some of the high-level plays in the finals—Samus and Corrin were on fire!

The whole event was organized by Wizeline volunteers in less than three weeks, with multiple internal teams collaborating to make sure everything ran smoothly. Our technical experts hustled to test the equipment and networks, also adding multiple video and audio feeds to the live broadcast. Our designers created a stunning Twitch overlay, a branded loading screen, and some envy-inducing champions’ t-shirts. Finally, our marketing team made some noise about the event on social media, attracting Smash Bros. Ultimate fans to our Twitch channel, both inside and outside the company.

Events like this are a perfect example of how Wizeline’s culture is second to none—we empower our employees to take ownership and leverage their talents, helping them grow their skills, succeed in their careers, and enjoy the things they are passionate about.

Follow our Twitch channel to stay informed on future Wizeline video game events, or head over to our careers page to learn how to apply for a job at Wizeline. Maybe you’ll be helping us arrange the next big tournament!

Written by Matt Kendall

Leslie Medina

Posted by Leslie Medina on December 14, 2018