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Wizeline launches talent accelerator program for women in tech

Wizeline introduces its Women in Leadership Program to foster women to excel in computing and technology and to become active leaders in the field.

Wizeline Academy, the community education program arm of Wizeline, has announced a new talent accelerator program for women in the tech industry: Women in Leadership. 

The program is open to women who wish to develop their careers as software engineers and leaders in the technology sector. Wizeline Academy will be open to applicants from all over Mexico as the training will be delivered remotely via web conferencing.  This program, which will run from November 10 to December 3, includes technical coursework, professional development, and high-level strategic development opportunities. 

Wizeline Academy’s Women in Leadership program will cover two tracks for self-leadership and leading others:

  • Professional development:
    • Self-promotion
    • Personal branding 
    • Mindfulness
  • Leadership: 
    • Executive & client communication 
    • Approaching challenging conversations
    • Listen to influence 
    • Building trust and creating a team 
    • Mobilizing your organization towards goals

The five-week program will also include a series of live-streamed events facilitated by Wizeline and open to the public, such as workshops, webinars, and panel discussions. Each event will be related to promoting greater gender inclusion in the software industry, such as impostor syndrome, glass ceilings, the importance of STEM for community development, and more. These talks will be presented by global leaders from Wizeline and knowledgeable guest speakers. All event registration is available at

Wizeline is partnering with other organizations to expand the impact of its gender inclusive initiatives. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Tecnológico de Monterrey, StartupGDL, and Reto Zappan, stand out as partners and allies in the crusade to advance programs that foster female talent in tech. 

“The talent accelerator program for women in technology is part of Wizeline’s global strategy to support diverse communities within the tech ecosystem,” said Lin Cherry, Head of D&I and General Counsel at Wizeline. 

According to data from the Mexican Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES) last year in Mexico, women represented only 23% of the students enrolled in computer science programs across the country.

Wizeline hopes to encourage women to excel in computing and technology and to become active leaders in the field,” said Carolina Navarro, Head of Wizeline Academy.

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Ricardo Tapia Iturriaga

Posted by Ricardo Tapia Iturriaga on September 28, 2020