STEM Education and AI: Shaping Mexico’s Future in Nearshoring

Bismarck Lepe, CEO of Wizeline, draws inspiration from Iron Man to stress the importance of education in Mexico’s future. He believes that Mexican creativity can thrive with a focus on science and technology education.

Mexico is poised for significant nearshoring opportunities, with a surge in foreign direct investment (FDI) expected. However, this also demands a highly educated workforce, particularly in STEM fields.

Manpower reports a 69% vacancy rate among Mexican employers in 2023, with IT & Data and Engineering skills in high demand. The government recognizes existing STEM professionals but emphasizes workforce skill transformation to support investments.

Wizeline’s launch of the Generative AI Lab (G.AI.L) highlights the importance of AI education. Lepe expects AI to revolutionize industries, potentially resulting in 3x to 7x growth in the next 5 to 10 years with full AI integration.

The relationship between AI and nearshoring is evident, as Mexico’s proximity to the United States attracts substantial investment.

Lepe encourages professionals to embrace AI education, becoming creators of their solutions, akin to Iron Man’s journey. Adapting to the evolving technological landscape is crucial.


This text is an abstract 0f the original article published in Spanish at MIT Sloan Review

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