Wizeline Hackathon Drives Development of Innovative Solutions with Generative Artificial Intelligence

  • 79 participants from Jalisco and other parts of Mexico took part in this event to explore the potential of generative artificial intelligence (GAI).
  • The winning solutions seek to positively impact the fields of e-commerce, security, and health.

Zapopan, Jalisco. July 18, 2023 On July 13 and 14, Wizeline held its first Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) Hackathon, in which 79 participants from Jalisco and other parts of Mexico gathered to promote innovation and explore the transformative potential of this technology in product development. Wizeline is a company that provides digital services focused on AI.

Participants were divided into 20 teams and had the opportunity to collaborate with Wizeline’s data & AI experts and the company’s technology partners while working with the latest AI technology in an encouraging atmosphere. One of Wizeline’s key partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS), provided participants with the facility to use their platform to develop the solutions, as well as talks showcasing AWS technologies related to generative AI.

During the two-day event, all participants worked hard to achieve a tangible application for generative AI in projects that would achieve a long-term benefit for society. After a difficult deliberation, the following teams emerged as winners:

1st place: The Magicians, formed by Juan Paulo Pérez Tejada Ladrón de Guevara, Juan José Barajas Ibarra, and Carlos Rafael Avina Vázquez. This team developed an application called M.A.G.I.A. that seeks to automate the generation of product descriptions. With a potential market of $5.9 trillion in global e-commerce sales by 2023, the project aims to optimize the product description generation process and take advantage of the e-commerce sector’s growth.

2nd place: Scambusters, formed by Enrique Cuevas García, Marián Munguía, Víctor Maya, and Luis Ángel Alba Alfaro. This team created Scam Detector, an intelligent app that listens to phone calls and detects possible fraud in real time. Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the app can analyze and interpret audio data to identify patterns, keywords, and voice characteristics associated with fraudulent calls.

3rd place: Heskil, formed by Víctor David Daniel Torres Burciaga, Marco Antonio Reynoso Arana, Juan Sebastián Barrios García, Humberto Porras Pacheco, and Nickolás Rodríguez Ochoa. This team developed dIAgnostica, a personalized medical diagnosis interpreter that improves patients’ understanding and empowers them in their treatment. This tool generates original content and explains treatment steps and complex concepts in an easy and personalized way.

The winners received recognition and prizes in U.S. dollars from Bismarck Lepe, Founder and CEO of Wizeline; Aníbal Abarca, Chief Technology Officer; Judith González, Chief Delivery Officer; and Haydé Martinez, Head of AI and Technology Program Lead for Data and AI. 

“At Wizeline, we are committed to investing in our communities. We believe that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity and experience are not,” said Aníbal Abarca, Chief Technology Officer at Wizeline. “This is why Wizeline Academy is key to achieving our promise of ‘doing well while doing good,’ with an extensive offering of meetups, bootcamps, and hackathons that now integrate an AI focus.” 

Generative artificial intelligence has become a driving force in the technology industry and is redefining the way products are developed and delivered. According to a McKinsey report, “The Economic Potential of Generative AI: The Next Frontier of Productivity,” it is projected that GAI can add the equivalent of between $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion to the economy annually, thanks to the time that will be saved when performing tasks such as creating content, speeding up IT testing and coding processes, and optimizing product design, among others. 

“With generative AI, we are seeing the beginning of a new technology era — one of creative computing and augmented human experience,” continued Abarca. “We are excited and proud to host this Generative AI Hackathon and to collaborate with the community, partners, and customers to develop new ideas and AI-native solutions.”

Moving forward, Wizeline will continue to promote this type of event to support innovators who seek to shape the future with solutions based on generative artificial intelligence.

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