Wizeline launches AI Academy to develop Artificial Intelligence skills

  • Tech professionals will have access to free AI learning sprints.
  • Duration of the learning sprints will range from 1-2 weeks, 6-12 program hours. 
  • It is estimated that AI could boost global labor productivity by up to 4 times in the next decade.
  • In Ark Invest’s “Big Ideas 2023” report, analysts highlight that with 100% adoption, AI could increase global labor productivity by approximately $200 trillion.

Mexico City, August 28, 2023. Wizeline Academy recently announced the launch of its AI Academy, a division that seeks to empower technology professionals with essential skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) through specialized learning programs at no cost. According to IBM’s Global AI Adoption Index, 77% of companies are exploring or implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their operations. As industries across the board integrate artificial intelligence into their operations, the ability to design, develop, and deploy AI-driven solutions has become a critical skillset.

In this respect, Wizeline’sAI Academy programs aim to support, advanced technological profiles in acquiring cutting-edge practical knowledge through short-term courses called “sprints”, which have a duration of between 1-2 weeks, and culminate in a hands-on project. The goal of these sprints is to equip participants with practical skills that can be applied directly in their professional environments, allowing them to immediately harness the potential of AI in their work. 

Some of the Sprints featured in the new AI Academy offering include:

  1. LangChain Essentials Sprint: An immersive course that will help equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to create cutting-edge generative AI applications using the powerful LangChain framework.
  2. ChatGPT Knowledge Base Sprint: This sprint provides a hands-on journey developing dynamic conversational agents that leverage custom knowledge bases, harnessing the power of the ChatGPT API to create chatbots that provide contextually relevant and accurate information.
  3. AWS Generative AI Tools Sprint: Featuring insider knowledge on building and scaling generativeAI applications on AWS, this sprint enables participants to innovate faster with with new capabilities, and industry leading foundation models..

“Wizeline Academy was created to foster innovation through education, under the premise that it has the power to change anyone’s future, so the creation of the AI Academy was a necessary step to allow training in these new technological tools to be available to anyone who needs it.” – Anibal Abarca, Chief AI Officer & CTO of Wizeline.

To participate in AI Academy, and build practical skills that will keep you ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of Artificial Intelligence visit: https://academy.wizeline.com/ai-academy

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