WorkJam Selects Wizeline as Implementation Partner for Its Digital Frontline Workplace Solution

MONTREAL, Quebec, SAN FRANCISCO, CA. March 28, 2023 WorkJam, the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, announced today its partnership with Wizeline, a global technology services provider that builds and integrates scalable digital solutions, to streamline implementation and custom enhancement of WorkJam’s core platform. Wizeline’s industry expertise and end-to-end delivery capabilities ensure rapid, seamless deployment of WorkJam, enabling companies across industries, with a focus on retailers and manufacturers, to benefit sooner from increased engagement, retention and productivity of frontline teams.

“We are excited to partner with WorkJam to help retail companies integrate the digital frontline workplace with their existing systems to ensure a consistent, highly engaging employee experience,” said Ken Claflin, Head of Retail and Consumer at Wizeline. “Having worked with leading retail and consumer brands on end-to-end delivery of digital solutions, Wizeline brings to the table a deep industry expertise that ensures businesses will get the most out of the WorkJam platform.”

Recent research conducted by Forrester on behalf of WorkJam found a strong correlation between companies that invest in workforce management technology that supports four key pillars of orchestrating a frontline workforce — scheduling, communication, task management, and learning — and those that achieve their business goals, including growing revenue, engaging and retaining frontline workers, increasing efficiency and, ultimately, delivering an excellent customer experience. Strategic deployment of digital employee experience tools, such as WorkJam, which integrates all four pillars into a single app, can deliver significant ROI through long-term cost savings and productivity gains.

“This partnership will help us better serve our customers by ensuring they can quickly and easily deploy WorkJam to their frontline workforce,” said Rich Halbert, Chief Strategy Officer at WorkJam. “As we continue to grow and expand internationally, Wizeline’s engineering and product development expertise will be tremendously beneficial for a faster and seamless implementation that will increase the frontline’s engagement, retention and productivity, and improve business results for our clients.”

To learn more about the WorkJam-Wizeline partnership, visit our Wizeline-WorkJam partner page.


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About WorkJam
WorkJam was founded in 2014 to improve the lives of frontline workers. As the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, WorkJam combines communication, task management, scheduling tools, learning, and more – all on one app. It is the only complete and unified system designed to revolutionize the way HQs and their frontline work together, boosting efficiencies and productivity. Available in over 45 languages with inline translations, the app helps organizations bridge language barriers and create a more inclusive working environment for all. WorkJam introduces Total Workforce Orchestration®. To learn more, visit

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