Bismarck Lepe: Life-Changing Courageous Decisions

September 15, 2022. In his conversation with Fernando Trueba for the “True Growth” podcast,  Bismark Lepe reflects on the courageous decisions that shaped his life. He first discusses his father’s decision to move to the United States after his grandfather’s death to provide better opportunities for his family, which changed their trajectory. Lepe then shares his own courageous decision of accepting an acceptance letter from Stanford University, which he initially thought was a rejection. This decision led him to work at Google as one of its first employees. Lepe also discusses his experiences at Google and how they influenced his approach to entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the importance of hard work, surrounding oneself with talented individuals, and making bold choices to achieve success. Additionally, he shares the challenges and decisions he faced in building his own company, Wizeline, and the lessons he learned along the way.

He then discusses the early days of the company and how a client’s request led to the creation of a separate company called Wizeline. Despite initial hesitation, the decision to provide consulting services proved successful and aligned with their goal of helping companies develop better products. Lepe also emphasizes the importance of delivering value to clients and shares his belief in the role of luck in success. He advises hard work, dedication, and taking advantage of opportunities to increase the chances of success.

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