The Early Years of Google and Building the Mexican Silicon Valley

October 3, 2022. In this interview with Oso Trava for the podcast “Cracks” Bismarck Lepe, founder of Wizeline, reflects on his background as a Mexican-American and his journey in the tech industry. He discusses his shifting perceptions of the United States and Mexico, as well as the emphasis his parents placed on education. Lepe talks about his experience working at Google, where he witnessed the early years of the company and the dedication of its team. He also shares anecdotes and highlights the importance of thinking big and experimenting in the tech industry. Lepe eventually left Google to start his own company, emphasizing the need for sufficient capital and the importance of being ready as an entrepreneur. Despite facing challenges, he remains proud of his heritage and strives to represent his culture in the industry.

He talks about the need for Mexican success stories, particularly in the tech sector, and the responsibility of being an example. He also shares insights into building a product-based company versus a service-based company, highlighting the unique culture and success of his company, Wizeline, in the service industry. Lepe emphasizes the importance of a strong in-house technology team for tech companies but also acknowledges the advantages of outsourcing in the early stages. He discusses the ideal clients for Wizeline, including multinational companies looking to digitize and innovate. Lepe mentions the growth and maturity of Aypio, a project in the cybersecurity sector, while also sharing his involvement in miSalud, a healthcare services startup. He expresses his vision of developing Guadalajara as a technology hub and emphasizes the opportunities it offers. Lepe concludes by emphasizing the importance of hard work and sharing success stories to inspire others.

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