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What does a data engineer do at Wizeline?

Data science and engineering is the fastest-growing team at Wizeline. Our Data Practice Lead, Luis de Alba, shares more about what the data engineering team works on and how he found his way to Wizeline.

Data engineers are a tricky group – and I say this with confidence, I’m the Data Practice Lead for a team of 40+ data scientists and engineers. We like to be challenged and need puzzles to stay engaged. When I talk to candidates about WIzeline, they are quick to ask what type of work they would do at a services company. On paper, it seems less exciting than maybe a dream job at Google or Facebook. 

I’d like to share 3 compelling reasons I think data engineers should consider joining us:

#1 Breadth of projects + depth of skills

Most people describe their time at Wizeline in “dog years” – a few years at Wizeline feels like 7 or 8 years somewhere else. Our teams work with Fortune 500 brands that need to leverage their data to transform their business or improve their products. Our work is typically mission-critical and tied to revenue. 

Here are just a few examples of the type of work our team is handling:

  • Migration from on-premise data services to GCP without affecting operations.
  • Implementing BigQuery as a data warehouse for a large U.S. e-commerce company reducing maintenance time and total cost.
  • Building a data platform for one of the largest multinational media companies in the world to improve user experience.

#2 Unconventional backgrounds are welcome

Many data engineers come to Wizeline after working in retail or financial services. However, we also welcome candidates who may have a more unconventional background (like a physicist, mathematician, or financial analyst). For me personally, the road to being a data engineer at Wizeline was not straightforward. 

It was more than two years before I officially accepted a job at Wizeline – but I hope it takes you just a few days! I really wasn’t sure if a startup was for me. I was working at a large industrial company for over a decade, and I knew my way around the company and was really happy. However, I had a feeling inside that I should challenge myself more. I knew a startup – with all of its chaos and change – could provide those challenges and opportunities. I took a leap of faith and now, more than 2.5 years later, I am so happy that I did. I have learned so much, met so many interesting people, and the hard work has been worth it. I feel more technically savvy and have developed a more entrepreneurial mindset in the way I approach work. 

If you’re still not convinced by my story, I encourage you to learn more about Fernando. In addition to being very interesting, he’s one of the best managers at Wizeline.

#3 People, people, people

Far and away, the best part of Wizeline is its people. Beyond working with our incredible data team, you will work alongside some of the best designers, technical writers, and project managers you’ve ever met. Wizeline’s culture encourages inclusion, continuous education, and a team spirit that permeates every department and discipline. Even in this remote environment, the “people” side of work truly matters. This is a great environment to challenge yourself and gain exposure to many products and business models – and make some lifelong friends along the way.

I've been part of the Wizeline data team for about 2 years now. Before that, I was a recent graduate with a few different opportunities to grow my career in the data space. Right after my on-site interview with Wizeline and having met the team, I knew this would be a challenging role and I decided to join a fast-growing startup instead.

Daniel Morales, Data Engineer

Still not sure if your background or experience is a good fit for Wizeline? I encourage you to apply anyway. Our recruiting process looks for abilities – not lack of abilities – and it’s a great opportunity to receive feedback. 


Apply today at and I look forward to meeting you.


Luis de Alba, Data Practice Lead at Wizeline
Luis de Alba, Data Practice Lead at Wizeline

Caroline Buck

Posted by Caroline Buck on October 9, 2020