How Wizeline’s AI Academy Catalyzed Generative AI Innovation in Mexico’s First Hackathon

Executive Summary

In the bustling heart of Guadalajara, Mexico, from July 12th to 14th, 2023, Wizeline championed the spirit of innovation and creativity by hosting an enthralling hackathon. This event, focusing on the power of Generative AI, invited participants to apply innovative technology that could redefine customer service, data analytics, and software development.

The Challenge: Crafting the Future with Generative AI

While vast, the field of Artificial Intelligence has a frontier not often tapped into—its generative capability. Wizeline recognized this potential for innovation and set out clear challenges for the participants:

  • Enhancing Customer Service: The goal here wasn’t just about response time but authentic engagement. Could AI foster more meaningful interactions and enhance the overall user experience?
  • Revolutionizing Data Analytics: In an era where data drives decisions, the challenge was using AI to sift through vast data arrays, ensuring the extraction of significant, actionable insights.
  • Modernizing Software Development: The software lifecycle, while refined, has areas for optimization. The question posed was, can AI be seamlessly integrated to streamline or enhance any phase of software development?

While the tasks were formidable, they were set against collaboration and learning.

At Wizeline, we are committed to investing in our communities. We believe that talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity and experience are not. This is why Wizeline Academy is key to achieving our promise of ‘doing well while doing good,’ with an extensive offering of meetups, bootcamps, and hackathons that now integrate an AI focus.

Aníbal Abarca

Chief Technology & AI Officer, Wizeline

Our Approach: The Hybrid Hackathon

Recognizing the many commitments and schedules of its participants, Wizeline designed a hackathon that was as adaptive as the solutions they were seeking:

  • Hybrid Flexibility: Anything before 2 p.m. accommodates participants working on different schedules.
  • Full Immersion Afternoon: After 2 p.m., the atmosphere was electric, with everyone congregating at the venue, bringing their ideas and energy to the table.
  • Mentoring Sessions: With challenges this advanced, guidance was essential. Experienced mentors were on standby, helping teams navigate the intricate world of AI.

Interwoven into the hackathon were enlightening sessions, with talks discussing the nuances of Generative AI, AWS’s role in bolstering it, and essential legal considerations.

The output of a generative AI model isn't the end of the process; in skilled hands, it is just the beginning. We're dedicated to assisting in the development of thousands of pairs of skilled hands that will reshape the AI world, with the support of Wizeline. We are committed to giving even more to our community.

Hayde Martinez

Head of Data & AI, Wizeline

Breaking Down the Numbers

The event saw a phenomenal turnout:

  • 115 participants, including external AI enthusiasts, Wizeline’s internal team, and representatives from different companies.
  • 23 dynamic teams, each looking to break the mold and craft pioneering solutions.

This involved coding and rich sessions exploring the heart of Gen AI, its application in AWS, and the ever-important legal landscape surrounding it.


The Results: Celebrating Innovation

The hackathon culminated in recognizing some standout solutions:

  • M. A.G. I. A: Turning to e-commerce, this team leveraged Gen AI to craft compelling product descriptions. Their AI-driven approach to content creation showcased the immense potential of generative models in marketing.
  • ScamBusters: In a world rife with unsolicited calls, ScamBusters utilized Gen AI to predict the likelihood of a call being genuine or a potential scam, offering users a shield against fraud.
  • dIAgnostica: Bridging the gap between medical jargon and patients, this solution simplified complex diagnoses, making them understandable across age groups.


With over 100 participants from diverse fields, Wizeline’s AI Academy didn’t just host an event; they fostered a community. The hackathon underscored the value of Generative AI in modern solutions. As participants packed their laptops and bid farewells, they left with more than just memories – they departed with a vision for the future.

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