Helping Rapid Robotics Expand Its Business with a New Home Web Application

Executive Summary

Rapid Robotics provides manufacturers with a robotic solution that can be deployed against simple tasks in hours without the need for programming or other robotics knowledge. Its product is a fully integrated robotic arm work cell trained to perform out-of-the-box tasks and learn new ones via cloud infrastructure, AI, and computer vision. Rapid Robotics’ service enables companies to overcome labor force shortages and scale their businesses.

See how the Wizeline team delivered an enhanced home web application for Rapid Robotics’ manufacturing automation solutions to help increase productivity and drive business growth.

The Challenge: Migrate & Modernize the Home Web Application

An improved application was needed to facilitate internal and end-user configuration, interaction, and data transfer to and from the robots in order to support the further growth of Rapid Robotics’ manufacturing automation solutions. 

The starting point was an existing tool, similar to an early-stage proof-of-concept using Unpoly, but it required new functionality, an entirely new user experience, and a complete migration to React.

In order to move operations to meet today’s technology standards and user expectations while gaining the flexibility to address future challenges, Rapid Robotics needed a partner with strong technical expertise that would help them expand its manufacturing solutions.

The Wizeline team did a great job owning the migration project; they were able to operate independently, and that was amazing.

Key Stakeholder

Rapid Robotics Engineering Team

Our Solution: Collaborating with Rapid Robotics to Expand Its Capabilities

The Wizeline project team of 3 software engineers and 1 project manager was deployed to assist the team at Rapid Robotics in developing an entirely new home web application. To ensure product quality in a timely manner, the team employed an agile Scrum methodology. 

The development strategy was to approach the migration “page-by-page,” first leveraging the existing UI and then adding the new design. This approach guaranteed that all functionality was seamlessly integrated while also allowing for ongoing client and end-user feedback. 

Results: A New & Improved Rapid Home Web Application is Live In-Market

The new Rapid home web application was designed, developed, and launched in less than a year. Due to the improved user experience, this new platform is far more flexible and easier to use, maintain, and develop. 

Rapid Robotics is able to respond to end-user requests faster as a result of how much simpler and quicker it is to add new functionality.

The new application is a key facet in supporting Rapid Robotics’ growth ambitions, as it enhances the efficiency, reliability, and responsiveness of its manufacturing processes, enabling the business to deliver a better product to its clients. 

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