Helping SavATree Migrate 2 Datacenters to AWS

Executive Summary

SavATree is a licensed and accredited tree, shrub, and lawn care company that provides landscape stewardship to residential, commercial, and municipal properties. With over four decades of experience, SavATree utilizes the most advanced technology and equipment to deliver quality, reliable, and efficient service.

In this case study, we explore how Wizeline helped SavATree migrate its on-premise data center and physical servers to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable its infrastructure to adapt rapidly as the business undergoes digital transformation.

The Challenge: Migrate an On-Premise Data Center to the Cloud

SavATree experienced several long application outages due to issues with their data center provider. These outages led to an inability to differentiate between old and new data being inputted by their enterprise users and clients. Plus, the data center support was less than adequate. 

SavATree was aware of the cloud’s ability to solve these challenges and reduce risk but needed to figure out how to administer resources to transition to a cloud platform and keep a sustainable transition due to its lack of documentation and in-house expertise.

In order to move operations to meet today’s standards while preparing for the future, SavATree enlisted Wizeline as its partner to help migrate infrastructure from the on-premise data center and physical servers to a cloud-native solution.

We faced a few challenges on the support side, and it took a considerable amount of time to get things done. We encountered outages that required us to wait for the provider’s IT staff to be available to fix, which caused critical issues with both our workforce and customer-facing applications.

Robert Bellio

Chief Technology Officer, SavATree

Our Solution: Collaborating with SavATree for a Safe, Efficient Migration

The Wizeline team began project execution in July 2022 and followed AWS’ Migration methodology. We assessed the client’s existing architecture, its processes, and how it interacts with the application and automated tasks to define a solution based in the cloud.

Wizeline created documentation and diagrams explaining the cloud and network process layout. The following diagrams depict the architecture of the solution developed in this project:

Solution Architecture

Wizeline designed a well-architected framework created specifically to address the complexity of managing multiple accounts.

High-Level Network Architecture

Wizeline proposed a resilient network architecture incorporating best practices and industry standards around hybrid environments.

Migration Workload Architecture

The following depicts the transitional architecture, highlighting the multi-account structure and how it connects to a network account.

Active Directory Architecture

As part of the cloud migration, Wizeline built two Active Directory servers in AWS to be used as a central repository for the user, group, and computer accounts and shared folders and printers.  The AD servers were deployed in the shared services account across two different availability zones.

Production Application Load Balancer

In addition, a system administrator guide was created so that engineers understand how to execute particular tasks in the cloud or make changes to the current infrastructure. Lastly, Wizeline put a disaster recovery strategy in place in case information from the main data center was lost, allowing for recoverable access from a secondary data center.

Disaster Recovery Plan

AWS Tech Stack at a Glance

The team migrated SavATree’s data using the following AWS migration automation tools:

Thanks to our migration to AWS, we were able to establish a highly adaptable and robust infrastructure, which has paved the way for a more scalable and resilient environment. By modernizing our enterprise applications, we have unlocked new avenues for innovation and flexibility, which is helping to shape our technology roadmap for the future.

Robert Bellio

Chief Technology Officer, SavATree

Results: Migrating 46 Servers to AWS in 18 weeks

With the project completed in November 2022, Wizeline’s team mobilized AWS services to build a cloud landing zone following best practices and migrated all workloads, including 46 servers, to the cloud in just 18 weeks. 

The cloud migration enabled highly available application deployment across multiple data center clusters. Additionally, SavATree completed the first phase of its digital transformation by completing the migration. 

Migrating to the cloud enables SavATree to experiment with new application architectures without committing to significant infrastructure spending. It also allows the company to leverage AWS analytics tools to analyze its data in new and innovative ways. Lastly, migrating to AWS reduces business risks associated with operating EOL/EOS technologies.

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