Cloud Migration to AWS for Science-Focused Media Company


In 2018, a U.S. media company focused on educational content partnered with a leading scientific organization for deep sea and ocean exploration. The organization’s drones would explore the ocean and upload their findings to the media company’s platform, which included a forum for scientists and explorers. To make this possible, the media company hired Wizeline to migrate the platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our solution

A team of Wizeline engineers worked with the scientific organization’s platform to map how its systems operated. The team then developed a roadmap for migrating their frontend, backend database, and other layers to AWS. Because the old system operated differently than how it would operate on AWS, the team would have to modify the notification and authorization layers, along with a few modules. The media company also wanted all of the platform’s assets to follow their brand guidelines.

Wizeline migrated all assets and optimized its operations so that it worked seamlessly with the media company on AWS. Not only did they deliver the project within the three-month expected timeframe, but the team also added and removed features to reflect the current needs of the business. Because the project was supported by grants and sponsorships, the engineers removed code that enabled donation processing on its website. Additionally, engineers updated the mapping implementation and caching to improve overall performance.

Customer impact

After the migration, the average number of new users per month increased by 4,000% due to improved performance and renewed marketing efforts. The new system was stable and accommodated user growth and increased usage of the platform to monitor expeditions. Consolidating the new companies’ assets resulted in a cost savings of approximately 30% over hosting both IT assets on separate services and mitigated operational errors. Most importantly, users did not notice that a complex cloud migration had taken place or that Wizeline integrated two very different systems while the scientific initiative remained in full swing. 

About Wizeline

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