Cloud Optimization for an E-Wallet Company


Wizeline worked with an e-wallet company connected to hundreds of banks and e-money systems via a peer-to-peer network and direct bank connections. Users deposit money in their country’s currency and hold it as U.S. dollars or cryptocurrency. This helps users preserve their wealth from currency devaluations. Users can also send and receive funds internationally.

The challenge

The company’s product became popular among users in countries experiencing economic distress such as Venezuela. Over time, demand from these users pushed the platform’s infrastructure to its limits. The company experienced an unsustainable number of system errors that the company’s support team had to manually fix, prompting the leadership team to overhaul the platform. 

Our solution

To alleviate the strain on its systems, the company rearchitected its application from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture. By migrating to a microservices architecture, many third-party services needed to be integrated. 

This company partnered with Wizeline to optimize its cloud assets, which included integrating new services and maximizing performance. As part of the optimization process, Wizeline created a custom solution to work with Vault for managing and protecting sensitive data, built a new database using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS), and implemented ElasticSearch to index data. 

Once the cloud optimization was complete, the e-wallet company could scale its services as demand grew, recover data in the event of system failure, and launch new services easily if the opportunity arose. The total project time was four weeks.

Customer impact

Optimizing the e-wallet company’s cloud not only increased the system’s stability but also increased productivity. Previously, engineers had to spend days creating new environments to test products. Now, it could be done automatically in a matter of minutes. This enabled them to move a product or feature to QA and into production much faster. Moreover, setting up environments through an automated process reduced the number of errors by 20%. As the company makes greater use of the cloud, it expects to see significant cost savings and higher quality products moving into production now that it can test products more quickly and cheaply and try out new ideas.

About Wizeline

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