Enabling a Frictionless Netflix Subscription Journey to Improve the True Digital Entertainment Experience

Executive Summary

True Digital Group is one of the core businesses of True Group, Thailand’s fully integrated telecommunications and digital service provider. True Digital offers consumers a wide variety of content, including live TV, sports, movies, music, news, and more through its flagship application, TrueID. In the first quarter of 2020, TrueID was the top downloaded app in the entertainment category for both Android and iOS in Thailand, with 4.2 billion monthly video views. 

True Digital selected Wizeline as a strategic partner to help expand its services into the internet video-on-demand segment and satellite TV business. To make this expansion a reality, Wizeline developed a middleware service for TrueID to enable users to subscribe and manage their Netflix subscription. After four months of collaboration and development, the service has been fully functional and available to True users in Thailand as of September 2020. Read more to see how Wizeline successfully launched the new solution.

The Opportunity

At the end of 2019, True Digital Group approached Wizeline to help develop a solution to enable TrueID users in Thailand to subscribe to the popular streaming giant, Netflix. This decision was made to enable TrueID to provide a complete entertainment experience for customers, all from one app. 

From a development perspective, the need was not only to build a robust solution but also to deliver it within two quarters. Wizeline proposed building a middleware layer to allow TrueID users to start and manage their Netflix subscriptions through the TrueID app.

Why Wizeline?

True Digital partnered with Wizeline because of our track record of delivering quality and on-time results to customers with varying project scopes and sizes. This project tapped our skilled pool of engineers in APAC, where Wizeline has high-quality front-end, back-end, full-stack, iOS and Android, Data Engineering, Data Science, DevOps automation, and Cloud Management teams.

The Challenge

True Digital Group wanted to consolidate TrueID and TrueID TV, its Set-Top Box (STB), by offering premium content subscriptions like Netflix to its users. To make this possible, Wizeline would have to leverage the Netflix Partner Payment Program to enable customers to sign up for Netflix via TrueID’s payment portal. The ideal solution would do the following: 

  • Screening users for eligibility
  • Following Netflix service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Mapping responses from TrueID with Netflix specifications
  • Creating B2B, customer, and internal gateways for different consumers
  • Performing end-to-end testing on the Netflix sandbox and production environment

The Solution

In order to solve these challenges, Wizeline resolved to build an entire middleware layer for payment integration between Netflix and TrueID. This middleware layer was responsible for:

  • Checking user eligibility
  • Processing Netflix charges
  • Managing fraudulent subscribers
  • Communicating with the Netflix backend

This middleware layer contained all the business logic related to TrueID TV-Netflix integration. It was implemented as REST APIs that interact with the set-top box, TrueID TV’s internal components, and Netflix.

The Results: High Customer Satisfaction with a Frictionless Subscription Experience

Wizeline successfully completed the project after four months of development work at the end of September 2020, reaching the following milestones:

  • Delivered an API-first, cloud-native design to help quickly bridge Netflix and True Digital platforms
  • Drove a steady and regular increase in the number of Netflix subscriptions through TrueID since solution deployment
  • Increased overall customer satisfaction thanks to the frictionless subscription journey 

With positive feedback from the product teams and end-users, Wizeline and True Digital continue to optimize the solution as well as collaborate on other projects.

About Wizeline

Wizeline is a software development and design services company with operations in the U.S., Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Spain. Wizeline partners with global enterprises and scaling startups to build end-to-end digital products. If you’d like to learn more, please visit www.wizeline.com or check out more case studies.

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